About Us

We pack our pharmaceutical medicines in a vacuum double sealed polythene bags and wrap them with aluminium foil around this vacuum paper. (The aluminium foil prevents it to be detected by the scanners at the courier post while the polythene bags make it air-tight and prevent any smell). We can also decorate it in the form of birthday gift and we stealth the shipping as well, which means that the package will not be allowed to open at courier agency before shipping.

Our Major Markets

We have our presence across the world. Our major markets are USA, Canada, UK, Ukraine, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Australia, Denmark, France, Sweden, Spain, Russia and many more..


  • Richard Morrison
  • Angela Walters
  • John Kensine
  • Thomas Wilfred
  • Jeff K
  • William Adams.
  • David Shearer K.
  • Harrison Mbua
  • Ben Demitrius
  • Allan Wilfred
  • William Carl
  • Lindsay Tamsy

Name of CEO Mr. Frank Chatzii
Name of Owner Dr. Brian K.
Year of Establishment 1990
Nature of Business Exporter & Supplier
Number of Employees 1350
Annual Turnover 590 Million/ Year